Access Control Solutions

Our electrified security offerings provide end-to-end solutions that improve safety, security, and transparency throughout your space. We work with top-rated manufacturers to supply customers with top-of-the-line products. Our product offering provides customers with a wide range of functionality and security options that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

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Access Control Systems

We supply and install system control panels and software used to control access rights in a given space. Access can be controlled through scheduled opening times, card access, keyless entry and biometric scanning capabilities.  The level of security and permissions are customized and our staff helps you find the desired level of control.

Video Management Systems

Video management offers many streaming options, cameras and levels of security. It can be added to any space to increase security and transparency. We provide video management software that can be accessed as a standalone system or fully integrated with your access control software.

Electrified Hardware

Electrified hardware is the foundation of an access control system. Our electrified hardware products include, but are not limited to, electric strikes, magnetic locks, electrified exit devices, keypads, wireless locks, fully integrated locks, door contacts and power supplies.

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