2010s – Expanded into new services to better suit our customers’ needs, including Ready-to-Hang, Access Control and Fire Door Inspections.


S.A. Morman & Co. opened new headquarters at 1100 Gezon Parkway in Wyoming.


Opened second location at 4510 Commercial Drive in Kalamazoo.


Fifth generation, Doug Hoogerhyde assumed ownership of the company, grew operations and expanded into wood doors.

1962 & 1977

Fourth generation, John C. Baxter and Harry M. “Bud” Baxter assumed ownership of the company and expanded operations into hollow metal products.


Began to distribute commercial door hardware.


Third generation, William B. Steele (son-in-law of Sam Morman) assumed ownership of the company.


Expanded heavily into coal to keep workers busy during winter months. Coal operations allows S.A. Morman & Co. to be maintained during the Great Depression when most construction came to a standstill.


Gradually expanded into new products, including cement, plaster, windows, sewer tile and more.


Second generation, Samuel A. Morman assumed ownership of the company, changing the name to S.A. Morman & Co. Sam Morman expanded the company into many new products during his 49 years in leadership.